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FAME'S Macedonian Symphonic Radio Orchestra will be in studio M1 for Shared Sessions. Please visit their web site : www.fames-project.com.

There is the possibility to book hours and record remotely with 40 Strings Orchestra.


1/ Orchestra line up:


40 Strings Orchestra (12-10-8-6-4) around 5 minutes of music can be recorded per hour


2/ In the offer, are included:

- Orchestra 

- Conductor 

- Studio M1(all technical equipment SSL Duality, etc...)

- Pro Tools

- Sound engineer

- Pro Tools operator

- Stage manager

- Printing parts (the deadline for sending the scores (PDF) is 24h before the start of the session)  

- Internet broadcast assistant and computer (Source Live) 

- Pro Tools sessions uploaded on FTP server 2 hours after end of the session

- Buyout rate


3/ Recording Setup informations:

  • Recording audio format: wav, aiff, etc...
  • Sample Rate / Bit Rate (up to 96 khz)
  • Frame Per Second "FPS" (if there is video)
  • Video Format supported (Mov, MP4, DV)
  • Pro Tools session preparation 
  • MIDI file for the click track (tempo changes, meter changes)
  • Audio files (if any additional are pre-recorded) starting from bar 1 to import in the session for monitoring
  • Source Live ***audio streaming for remote listening*** ( require web browser and "Quick Time player" installed)
  • Link to listen
  • Orchestra Setup (placement) ***if any specific***
  • Microphone Setup ***if any specific***
  • FTP client, for access to download recorded Pro Tools sessions

4/ Score Setup:

  • Scores & Parts PDF
  • Sibelius or Finale 
  • Cue Order for Recording

>> The Deadline to send Scores and Pro Tools sessions is 24 hours before the session starts.


Tel: 00389 71 262 493

Bul. Goce Delcev bb, MRTV

Skopje, Macedonia


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