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Music sheets for beginners

Our Story


JJC Music is founded in the early 80′ s. After doing some greath jobs in movie, docu, leisurepark and commercials we decided to compose something for novice musicians. The art of music is to enjoy your fullfilment, mind and fysics.
The free songs on our website are composed for children, Teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens who want to play music.

We are looking for new challenges and are going into the horse dressage.
We decided to let our compositions played by real orchestra’ s. No sample-based anymore, only for mock-ups.

Profile composer, Arranger, Musician and Sound Designer.
Creating music for Tv, film scores, library music and music for dance, theatre and pop songs.
Enthusiastic well-motivated and accustomed to working to tight deadlines.

Key skills/Experience · Experienced in Midi sequencing and Digital Audio Processing ·
Music Production Studio Management · Experienced within the music business ·
Leadership roles on a variety of projects · Experienced team player ·
Experienced in Stage productions · Experienced in Teaching ·
Cubase, Ableton, Cakewalk Pro tools and Fl studio Daw ·
EastWest Plug-ins Symphonic Orchestra Ccc, Mor, Goliath, · Vop, Ra, Symphonic Choirs incl Wb, Stormdrum 2. ·
The Grand 2 Steinberg. Sylenth1 · Izotope Ozone Mastering Plug-In. ·
Windows 7, i7 950 3.07G, 24 Gig Ram, 94 Ssd, Raid 5 ·

Sounds-inline founded in 2012-2018.
Sample Based technics for DAW’s.

Recording Vocals and instruments with R¢de microphone
Education and training pyntago Mastering Music 2011
Autodidact in making music with computers 1988-2012

Music Technology Mixing Music Technology Advanced Level (Grade A)
Multi-Media Performance Programme – Music Performance Grade 10 Theory of Music Conservatorium Maastricht 1983-1988

(Various) Den Hulster Havo 1978-1983
(Various) Career history producing several songs Rtl sbs tv commercials 2012
Van Helsing Factory 2011
Creating the complete music for the attraction at Movie World Bottrop.
Documentary 2010
Providing music cues for the documentary film ‘University Maastricht’, with Arthur van de Sterre, Raoul de Zwart and Inbetween.
Documentary 2010 Scoring the short films for ‘Briss Warenhuis’, Tv commercial Red Cross 2010 Scoring the Tv commercial.
Tv documentary Traffic 2010 Scoring the Tv commercial.
4D film’I can Fly’ 2009 Scoring the complete music in symphonic settings.
Show Vuurkunstenaars (Fire artists) 2018

Theatre Performance,
Hilversum 2008 Creating the Theatre Performance for ‘The Mediums from Arthur Findley College at Stansted (Uk)’promises to be a breathtakingly beautiful, truly unusual big, mixing art, mysterious score for about 110 minutes.
Staya Erusa-Find The Book of Knowledge 2007
It’s aim is to contribute to the enhancement of Mankind’s consciousness and therefore another way of thinking. In order to cope with all the challenges we face as mankind. Scoring the complete documentary.
Maaspoort Theatre, Venlo 2006 Creating the incidental music for the stage production of ‘Spo’ Maaspoort Theatre, Venlo 2005
Creating the incidental music for the stage production of ‘Spo’
Villa Records, Venlo 2003 Release of the album ‘Crazy Cocktails’ Jazz Music.
Gallery Exposure, London – Liverpool 1997-1998 Scoring Background Music.
Video Release Underwater Film, Tenerife – Canary Islands 1995 Scoring the Music.
Video Release of How to make a Flower Bouquet 1994-1995 Scoring the whole Series.
Highschool of Music Venlo, 1990-1998
Employed as Piano Teacher.
Highschool of Arts Arnhem, 1990-1998 Employed as Pianist and Teacher.

Games for C64, London – England 1985-1989 Scoring music for several C64 Games Freelance Musician 1988-1998
Supporting on keyboards, live Artists at various venues around the Netherlands.
Personal nationality: Dutch
Languages: English and German